Our Last Minute All American Gift Guide

Our Last Minute All American Gift Guide

In the rush of the holiday season, finding that perfect American-made gift can be daunting. Delve into our selection of artisanal delights, elegant jewelry, superior craftsmanship, innovative tech marvels, and rugged adventure gear. Each category reflects the essence of American craftsmanship, ensuring your loved ones receive a special gift that resonates deeply. Shipping days are estimated based on date published. 

Crafted with Love: Stories in Every Stitch, Magic in Every Glaze!

Why settle for ordinary when you can gift extraordinary? These artisanal delights not only adorn homes with unparalleled beauty but also carry stories woven into every thread and molded into each shape. They're more than decorations; they're heartfelt expressions of artistry, perfect for spreading joy and creating lasting memories.

Stunning wall glass prints immortalizing cherished moments.
Get it by Dec 20

Red Land Cotton
Towels blending functionality and sophistication, perfect for embracing the holiday spirit.
Get it by Dec 20

Milkhouse Candles
Handcrafted holiday candles infusing warmth and cheer into spaces.
Get it by Dec 23


Wee Forest Folk
Meticulously crafted ornaments adding whimsy and charm to holiday decor.
Get it by Dec 20


Indulge Her with Uniquely American Elegance

Delight in stunning jewelry masterpieces meticulously crafted by skilled American artisans. These exquisite pieces aren't just accessories; they're tales of tradition and sustainability. Elevate her holiday with the grace of handcrafted beauty, where every necklace, ring, or bracelet embodies a personal touch, making it the perfect heartfelt gift for this season of giving.

Alex & Ani
Jewelry supporting various causes, perfect for adding elegance to her style.
Get it by Dec 24

Lizzy James Jewelry
Versatile jewelry combining elegance with a bohemian touch.
Get it by Dec 22


Handcrafted anniversary and milestone bangles symbolizing lasting love.
Get it by Dec 18


Elevate the New Year with Unmatched American Craftsmanship!

Highlighting the artistry of American craftsmen, these unique creations aren't just gifts; they're exclusive statements. Elevate the joy of gifting by celebrating their distinct style with handcrafted, customizable pieces that add a touch of personalized elegance.

Buffalo Billfold Company
Buffalo leather goods blending durability and style seamlessly.
Get it by Dec 19


Red Rooster Trading Company 
Functional yet artistic home decor and goods enhancing everyday experiences.
Get it by Dec 21

Handmade leather wallets marrying elegance with practicality.
Get it by Dec 19



Three Designing Women
Personalized gifts with customized stamps and embossers for that unique touch.
Get it by Dec 23

Tech Wonders for The Innovator

These aren't just gadgets; they're ingenious solutions for the tech aficionado in your life. Gift them the power of American innovation, seamlessly integrated into their lives, promising a New Year filled with ease, sophistication, and a touch of homegrown brilliance. 


Grado Labs
Headphones delivering superior sound quality, redefining audio experiences.
Get it by Dec 24





Smartphones prioritizing security and privacy without compromising modern features.
Get it by Dec 25


McIntosh Labs
Speakers offering an immersive audio experience for music enthusiasts.
Get it by Dec 20


Custom-built gaming PCs fueling gaming passions with top-notch performance.
Get it by Dec 23


Gear Up for Adventure: Unleash Unrivaled Exploration

Equip the daring spirits in your life with unparalleled tools designed to conquer the wild. Whether they're embracing New Year resolutions to explore the great outdoors or are seasoned adventurers, these rugged companions are crafted to withstand the elements. Gift them the promise of unparalleled experiences, empowering their passion for discovery and creating lasting memories amidst nature's grandeur.


Johnson Woolen Mills
Heritage-quality wool flannels and outdoor wear since 1842
Get it by Dec 24


Sleek backpacks and apparel tailored for outdoor enthusiasts.
Get it by Dec 23

Red OXX Mfg Inc
Durable carry-on bags and travel gear built for exploration.
Get it by Dec 20




Resilient bags and accessories crafted for outdoor escapades.
Get it by Dec 23

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