Setup Guide for VendorSync/

Setup Guide for VendorSync/

Welcome to VendorSync! Follow these steps to seamlessly integrate your Shopify store with

Step 1: Install the VendorSync App

  1. Receive Custom App Install Link: You will receive a unique app installation link from It will look similar to this format:…
  2. Initiate Installation: Click on the link provided. This will direct you to the Shopify admin panel where you can install the VendorSync app.

Step 2: Become a Vendor

  1. Become a Vendor: Click on the “Become a Vendor” button. This action sends a request to, asking to link your Shopify store with their Shopify store.
    • Approval Timeline: The review process for each application typically takes about 24 hours.

Step 3: Await and Confirm Approval

  1. Wait for Approval Notification: will review your application. Once approved, you’ll receive communication from BuyAmerican asking you to confirm your vendor status.
  2. Return to the VendorSync app settings page in your Shopify admin. Click “Approve” to confirm the link with the store.

Step 4: Start Selling on

  • Final Step: With the approval process complete, your products are now synchronized with They will be listed on the platform for customers to view and purchase.
    • What to Expect Next: Congratulations on completing the setup! You can now look forward to expanding your reach and selling your products on

Should you need any assistance during the installation or setup process, feel free to contact our support team. We’re here to help ensure a smooth integration for your store with

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