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Reaper Light - Blue

Reaper Light - Blue

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Deadeye Bags manufactures their bags to exacting standards. Every set is hand-filled and sewn closed one at a time, in the United States. They are simply the best professional cornhole bags available.

All Deadeye Bags are filled with resin pellets. That means you don't get that annoying corn dust after use. It also means they stand up to bad weather and corn-loving critters won't gnaw at them when you're not looking.

This Reaper Light design comes in blue, but we offer the same design in red as well. Both are part of the Deadeye Bags Reaper Series. This is a series of bags designed for players who want to strike fear in the hearts of their competitors, for whom, surely the bell is about to toll.

Deadeye Bags professional cornhole bags are sold in a set of 4. If you want a full set of 8 bags, you can add another set to go along with this design. In fact, you can get the red version mentioned above, right here.

Obviously, professional bags cost more than standard bags. But if you're someone who is serious about winning, or you want to play with the best, then pro cornhole bags are for you. Every bag will perform the same, the feel is unparalleled and each side has a different fabric. So you can use the glide slide to slide the bags and the grip side to get more traction. Or you can find the side that works best for you and just stick with it. They'll also turn heads and make you the envy of your friends during backyard games.

  • Deadeye Bags: Reaper Series
  • Official Bags Of The World Series of Cornhole
  • Set of 4
  • Official Size & Weight
  • Tournament Ready
  • Highest Quality & Craftsmanship
  • Filled With Weather-Resistant Resin Pellets
  • Dual-Sided: 1 Side Glides, 1 Side Grips

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